If It's a Hazard, It Doesn't Belong in Your House

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As part of household maintenance, you should have your electrical panel inspected. If you determine that you have an outdated panel, it's time for an electrical panel changeout. The panel can become overloaded when the needs of the home exceed its capacity. This is especially true of older houses. They simply weren't designed to handle the number of large appliances and electric devices in our homes today.

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How to spot an overload

How to spot an overload

In order to safely power a home or business, you want to make sure all you wiring is up to date and safely insulated. You should also make sure that your panel can handle everything you're asking of it. Even if your panel works fine, you might still have problems with overloaded breakers in need of electrical breaker repair. Some signs of overloaded circuit breakers include:

  • Dimming lights after turning on a home appliance or plugging something in
  • Outlets or switches that buzz
  • Outlet or switch covers that are warm to the touch
  • A burning odor
  • Outlets or plugs that are scorched
  • Appliances or electronics that aren't getting enough power

If you notice of any of these signs, make sure to call a professional right away. If left alone, an outdated, overwhelmed panel can catch fire. To prevent this, our technicians will troubleshoot your problem and provide you with an appropriate electrical panel changeout.

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